Fiilex Launches Low Profile Track-Mount Video Lights

Richmond, CA — Fiilex Lighting announces the arrival of the T360 compact LED fixture. The Fiilex T-series is designed to provide broadcast quality light as a simple installation option for low ceiling spaces. By combining mounting pipes and power/data grids into DMX tracks, the system is both an elegant and cost effective solution for any small to mid-sized area. It is perfect for Studio Designers and AV Installers who service the following sectors:

• Corporate Video Conference Rooms
• Multipurpose Stages
• House of Worship
• Online Education
• Government
• Podcast Vloggers

The T360 is compact, bright, and efficient. Each light uses only 8” of vertical space, delivers more than a 300W tungsten equivalent output, and draws less than 90W of power. With typical CRI of 95, T360 meets the top standards set by Hollywood filmmakers and produces a light of superb quality.

In addition, the T360 features a tunable color spectrum that can shift continuously from tungsten (2800K) to daylight (6500K) to match any existing lighting. The fixture also has a green to magenta hue adjustment for enhancing any subject’s skin tone. The two color modification options, along with dimming from 100-0%, can be conveniently controlled remotely through three DMX channels. With these customizable and versatile options, the T360 is designed to add high value to any video production.

As part of a 30+ year old photonics technology company in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fiilex is recognized for making the most innovative LED fixtures for cinematographers around the world. With the release of T360 lighting system, Fiilex expands its reach to bring cinematic lighting to everyday settings.

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