Research and Development

Years are spent in developing new technologies. Sometime inspiration comes from the world around us. We have spent over 10 years researching and developing our LED technology and lighting systems.

Product Design

We have had our designers working closely with professionals in the industry to make the most effective lighting solutions.

Dense Matrix LED

The compact placement of LEDs results in a powerful array that is no bigger than the size of a dime and is easily adaptable to a variety of applications. Integrating patented high-brightness LEDs into our unique chip-mixing pattern, Dense Matrix LED produces a bright and color tunable specular light source with superior CRI and smoothly mixed spectrums.

Multi-Channel Control

Designed with multiple independently controlled channels, Dense Matrix LED can be tuned to produce a variety of colors and spectrums.

Intense Specular Light

By grouping a number of high power LED chips together, Dense Matrix LED emits intense specular light.

Vapor Cooling

Advanced heat dissipation technology allows for longer life times, better performance and higher efficiency.

Quiet Fan

Sound is an important area of consideration for our engineers to meet the difficult standards of motion picture. We have come up with a superior solution to dampen the acoustics.

Tunable CCT

Control of the color temperature facilitates unlimited lighting applications.
Using the Dense Matrix LED, the P360 has the ability to smoothly tune the spectrum of light, producing any color temperature of white light with high CRI.

Compact Size

Perfect for travel. Small, lightweight and more powerful than any other light source of its size.

Richmond California, USA

Welcome to our Headquarters in Richmond, California.
Fiilex products are designed in the USA.