B60 Brick Battery System

P/N: FLXB060

The B60 Brick Battery works with the P180E to give busy photographers and videographers a total package solution for portable, color tunable light. The B60 stacks 2X P100 Brick batteries to provide over 60 minutes of power for the 180E. At just 1.13 lbs, it is extremely compact and can mount to light stands with the Power Adapter Holder to keep cables off the ground during busy events. Between shoots, the B60 recharges in 180 minutes and features a USB port for charging your smartphone, tablet or other devices.


Features »

  • 60 Wh ( >60 Minute Run Time with P180E )
  • Recharging Time: 180 Minutes
  • 1.13 lbs
  • One DC Output
  • One USB Power Output
  • Power Switch with Capacity Indicator
  • Mounts to Fiilex Accessory Holder

Specifications »

Watt hours 60Wh
Size 134mm x 56mm x 65mm
Weight 1.13lbs
Power Capacity 2600mAh
Input (Port type) 12.6V/2A
Output-1 19V/2A (DC jack)
Output-2 5V/2A (USB port)
Functions Powers the P180E



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Items Included »

B60 Brick Battery Station

(1) B60 Brick Battery Station

Fiilex 29Wh batteries

(2) Fiilex 29Wh Batteries

B60 DC Power Adapter

(1) DC Power Adapter

B60 Power Output Cable

(1) Power Output Cable

Compatible Accessories »

Fiilex Adapter Holder

Compatible Lights »