DMX Connection Box

P/N: FLXA029

  • Fiilex LED Accessory - DMX Connection Box

The DMX Connection Box allows you to remotely control the setting of your P360EX lights. With only one box, you can daisy chain all of your lights together and control them from one panel, or use multiple boxes for individual control. Each box features 512 Addresses, an LCD display, XLR5 in/out, RJ45 in/out, and comes with the new Power Adapter Holder to mount the box and the adapter to a light stand.



Features »

  • 512 Addresses
  • LCD Display
  • XLR5 In/Out, RJ45 In/Out
  • Can Mount to Light Stand

Specifications »

5.5in x 2.1in x 1.8in

Function: Allows DMX Control for the P360EX


Items Included »

Fiilex LED Accessory - DMX Connection Box

(1) DMX Connection Box

Fiilex LED Accessory - Adapter Holder

(1) Power Adapter Holder

Compatible with »

Fiilex Link Cable

Link Cable