Fiber Glow

P/N: FLXF001 5ft section
P/N: FLXF002 20ft section

The Fiber Glow is designed as a side emitting(GLOW) 14mm diameter fiber optic for use on the P200 FlexJet. This flexible light source can be bent and wrapped around in a variety of positions.  The design of the Fiber Glow is to properly illuminate the entire fiber as even as possible.
The Fiber glow quickly attaches to the P200 FlexJet with the Fiber adapter (included with the P200 Flexjet)


Features »

  • Comes in 5 ft, 20 ft, or special order of different lengths
  • Works as a ring light
  • Easy to Attach
  • Compatible with P200

Specifications »

Diameter 14 mm

Lighting Effect flexible soft light


Items Included »

Fiilex Fiber Glow

(1) Fiber Glow - 5 ft

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