Half Yoke for P100

P/N: FLXA017

The Half Yoke allows the P100 to be used on a light stand instead of being mounted on-camera. The Half Yoke is highly durable piece of steel that is designed exclusively for use with the P100. Bring the P100 off-camera to be used as an out-of-sight accent or fill light. The P100 attaches to the Half Yoke via a universal 1/4"-20 stud that secures to the bottom of the P100.


Features »

  • Allows for use of the P100 Off-Camera
  • Standard Light Stand Adapter
  • Standard 1/4"-20 Threaded Stud

Specifications »

Function Adapts P100 for use off-camera
Mount Style(to light) 1/4" -20 Stud
Mount Style(to stand) 17mm Light Stand Mount


Items Included »

Fiilex LED Accessory - Half Yoke for P100

(1) Half Yoke for P100

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