L-Series Travel Case

P/N: FLXA065

Large enough to hold up to two Fiilex Q-Series lights and durable enough to travel via air, the Fiilex L-Series hard case protects your lights through it all. A hard plastic frame keeps the case lightweight but strong, while flannel lining and customizable inserts allow you to organize the case into the best configuration for your lights. Covered by a black nylon exterior, the L-case features two strong carrying handles and a high quality zippered lid for secure transport. With EVA foam inserts designed to protect the front of the light from any bumps on the road, it is easier than ever to bring high-output fixtures on-the-go with you.


Features »

  • Spacious Hard Case with Room for up to 2 Q-Series Lights
  • Modular Design for Added Versatility
  • Lightweight, Highly Portable Material
  • Comfortable Carrying Handles
  • Reinforced Stitching and Zippered Lid
  • High-Quality Nylon Fabric Shell

Case Size (Exterior) 27.5" x 14.6" x 20.5"
70cm x 37cm x 52cm

Case Size (Interior) 24.86" x 11.8" x 16.9"
63cm x 30cm x 43cm

Weight 13.9lbs / 6.3kg

Case Material Black Nylon Exterior, Flannel Interior

Case Warranty 1 Year


Items Included »

L-Series Travel Case

(1) L- Series Travel Case

L-Series Travel Case

(4) Customizable Inserts

L-Series Travel Case

(1) Accessory Bag

Compatible with »

Fiilex Q1000


Fiilex Q500-DC


Fiilex Q500-AC


Fiilex P360EX


Fiilex P360


Fiilex P200

P200 w / Color Blender

Fiilex P180


Fiilex P100

P100 w/Ac

Fiilex LED Accessory - 8 Inch Fresnel Lens

8-Inch Fresnel Lens

(1) 5-Inch Fresnel Lens

Size III Barndoor

Fiilex LED Accessory - PAR Reflector for Q Series

PAR Reflector

Fiilex LED Accessory - Speed Ring for Q Series

Speed Ring (Q-Series)

Fiilex LED Accessory - Dome Diffuser

Dome Diffuser

Fiilex LED Accessory - Dome Diffuser Extension

Dome Diffuser Extension

Fiilex LED Accessory - 2 Inch Fresnel Lens

Fresnel Lens

Kits Containing the L-Series Travel Case »

Fiilex L252 Kit

L252 (2xQ500-DC)

Fiilex L254 Kit

L254 (2xQ1000)