P100 Accessory Mount

P/N: FLXA034

The P100 Accessory Mount is designed to adapt the P100 to accept the Fiilex Dome Diffuser and Gel Holder accessories. It fits tightly around the outside of the P100 Lens and is held in place by tension. There are two magnetic mounts on the front face of the P100 Accessory Mount to attach the accessories. The P100 Accessory Mount is not meant for use with the Fresnel Lens as it already has a focusing lens on the light unit.


Features »

  • Easy to Attach (Tension Mount)
  • Easy Use of Accessories (Magnetic Mount)
  • Works with Dome Diffuser and Gel Holder

Specifications »

Diameter 3.1" inches
Adapt P100 for use with Fiilex Accessories


Items Included »

Fiilex LED Accessory - P100 Accessory Mount

(1) P100 Accessory Mount

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