P2Q Converter Kit

( P2Q Converter + 5" Fresnel + Size III Barndoor )

P/N: FLXA028

The P2Q Converter Kit  is a light modifier with a 5” fresnel lens for the P360 and the P360EX. It attaches to the front of the light increasing the throw and focusing the intensity of the beam an amazing 8x. The converter gives your light a more cinematic look and brings the normal beam angle of 65° down to 14°.


Features »

  • Increases light intensity by 8X
  • Increases beam distance
  • Decreases beam angle from 65º down to 14º

Specifications »

6.5"x 6.1"x 4.1"

Lighting Effect
Creates a spotlight effect, increases intensity of center beam


Photometric Performance with P360

Fiilex P360 Photometric figure

Fiilex P360 Photometric figure

Photometric Performance with P360EX

Fiilex P360EX Photometric figure

Fiilex P360EX Photometric figure

Items Included »

Fiilex P2Q Converter

(1) P2Q Converter (Size II)

Fiilex 5-Inch Fresnel Lens

(1) 5-Inch Fresnel Lens

Fiilex Size III Barndoor for Q-Series

(1) Size III Barndoor

Compatible with »

Fiilex P360EX


Fiilex P360


Fiilex P200

P200 w / Color Blender