Color Blender (P200)

P/N: FLXA027

  • Fiilex Color Blender for P200

The Color Blender allows for an even front projection of colored light from the P200. This adds the qualities of a traditional studio light to the unique color emitting properties of the light. The accessory attaches to the front of the P200 via a bayonet mount, and has a slot to attach barn doors. The P200 can now be used to throw colored light wherever you need it. The Color Blender transforms the P200 into an even more powerful tool for creativity.


Features »

  • Projects Light Forward from the P200
  • Magnetic Accessory Mount
  • Barndoor Slots

Specifications »

Diameter 4"


Items Included »

Fiilex Color Blender for P200

(1) Color Blender

Fiilex Color Blender for P200 - Barndoor

(1) Size II Barndoor

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