K303 Three Light Fresnel Travel Kit

P/N: FLXK303

Fiilex K303 Kit

A bold take on one of our most popular kits, the K303 features three powerful P360s and three P2Q Converters, delivering the soft light and hard shadow you need to get a high-quality, cinematic look. The color tunable P360s generate a total 1050W equivalent output, and the P2Q Converter mounts to the front of the P360 to throw its light far, illuminating hard-to-reach backgrounds. Barndoors control the spread of the light while the 5-Inch Fresnel Lens transforms it, intensifying the center beam an impressive 8x and focusing the beam angle from 65° to 14°. A versatile tool for building and throwing light, the K304 kit includes three P360 color tunable light heads, P2Q Converters, 90W-AC/DC power adapters, barndoors, light stands, and a durable travel case.


Kit Features »

  • 1050W of Total Equivalent Output
  • 270W Total Draw
  • Color Tunable Between 3000-5600K
  • High CRI (>92)
  • Dimmable (100%-10%)
  • Battery- Ready
  • Flicker-Free at any Frame Rate
  • Solid State Technology - No Bulbs to Replace
  • Compatible with Fiilex Accessories

P2Q Features »

  • Increases Light Intensity by 8X
  • Increases Beam Distance
  • Decreases Beam Angle from 65º down to 14º

Travel Case Features »

  • Zippered Pouch for Storage of Accessories
  • Automatic Pressure Purge System
  • Plastic Non-Corrosive Locks
  • Modular Design for Added Versatility
  • Wheels and Telescoping Handle
  • Built to Mil-Spec Standards / Lifetime Guarantee

Fiilex K303 Kit

Specifications »

Case Size 23.96" x 16.00" x 10.10"
60.9cm x 40.6cm x 25.6cm

Case Weight - Fully Loaded 35.7 lbs

Light Stand Height Closed 21.7"

Light Stand Height Extende
7 ft / 2.13 Meters

P2Q Specifications »

Case Size 6.5" x 6.1" x 4.1"

Spot 14º

Materials Aluminum, Glass



P360 / P360EX + 3 Light Kits

The perfect balance of power and portability, the P360 is a 350W equivalent light that weighs just 1.6lbs. Color tunable between tungsten and daylight, this compact LED is strong enough to be a key or fill light and flexible enough to never lock you into a certain look. [01:57]Play

Testing the K303

Seasoned director Ben Fee tests out the new Fiilex K303 at his CA-based production company, Scandinavia. Watch as Fee evaluated the P360 and P2Q combo, and hear what he has to say about the lighting effects, quality, and specificity of this items in this powerful LED kit. [03:15]Play

Pack An Extra Punch

Meet Michael Becker, a still photographer who shoots entertainment portraiture for shows such as American Horror Story: Freak Show. Watch as he tries out the P2Q Converter, getting beautiful, concentrated bursts of light in his shots. [02:13]Play

The Perfect Balance

Portable and powerful, the P360 is a versatile, color tunable lighting tool that can be used as a key, fill or back light to get just the look you want. [00:40]Play

Unlimited Applications

The P360 is bright enough to light up a scene on its own but it also works beautifully with other lights. See how this efficient LED blends seamlessly with other lights to create striking images. [02:37]Play

The P2Q Conversion

Get the most out of your P360 by using the P2Q Converter, a modifier that attaches a 5" fresnel to the front of the light to narrow the beam angle to 14 degrees, increase the intensity by 8x, and to extend the throw of the light. [00:29]Play



2014 Onion Award

Resource Magazine picked the Fiilex P180E and P360 lights as the winners of the 2014 Onion Award, a distinction given to top new products that "are so perfect they make you want to cry." Read More

Flawless Color

Fiilex LEDs consistently place in the top tier of the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI), meaning they reveal color so accurately that they eliminate the need for color correction. Read More


Items Included »

Fiilex P360

(3) P360 Light Heads

(3) 90W - AC/DC Power Adapters

Fiilex P2Q Converter

(3) P2Q Converter (Size II)

5-Inch Fresnel Lens

(3) 5-Inch Fresnel Lens

Size III Barndoor

(3) Size III Barndoor (Q-Series)

(3) Reverse Leg Light Stands

(1) Rolling Travel Case


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