S282 Mini All-Weather Interview Kit (2x-P180E)

P/N: FLXS282

DiCon Lghting DenseMatrixLED
Fiilex S282 Light Kit

The S282 All-Weather Mini Interview Kit is a portable run 'n gun kit that features two bright P180Es for a total 400W equivalent output. Smaller than a can of soda, each bright LEDs gives you 200W of color-tunable light anywhere you go. It also offers enhanced weather-resistance, making weather one less obstacle in getting the perfect shot. The first kit to come standard with the Fiilex Agility Backpack, the All-Weather Mini Interview Kit provides plenty of space to accommodate cameras, lenses, mics, or batteries, making your entire set-up more mobile. With the all-in-one S282 Kit, filming on the go has never been easier. The S282 comes with two P180E color tunable light heads, power adapters, barndoors, light stands, and one Fiilex Agility Backpack.


Features »

  • 400W Output Equivalent, Uses 80W Combined
  • Color Temperature Range 3000-5600K
  • High CRI (>92)
  • Dimming (100%-10%)
  • Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
  • Solid State Technology-No Bulbs to Replace
  • IP-24 Water Resistant (IP-25 w/ Rain Shield)
  • Compatible with Broadcast Batteries

Fiilex Agility Backpack Features »

  • Lightweight, Compact & Easy for Travel
  • Designed to Comply with Most Airlines Carry-On Sizes
  • Reconfigurable, Customizable Gear Compartments
  • Crafted with Durable, Tear-Proof Materials
  • Includes Rain Cover for Additional Water Protection

Fiilex S282 Light Kit

Specifications »

Backpack Size
18.5" x 17.7" x 9.4"
47cm x 45cm x 24cm

Backpack Weight
12.9 lb / 5.85kg (with light stands)
3.7 lb / 1.68kg (empty)

Light Stand Length (closed)
21 inches

Light Stand Max Height (extended)
7 ft / 2.13 m



Fiilex S282 & S284 Kit

The Fiilex S-Kits are perfect for videographers and photographers who place a premium on portability. Rather than a cumbersome case, the S-282 comes packed into the lightweight Fiilex Agility Backpack. Reliable, efficient, and flexible, the S-282 and 284 Kits are the ideal traveling companions for photo and video professionals everywhere. [01:52]Play


Items Included »

(2) P180E Light Heads

(2) Barndoors

(2) AC/DC Power Adapters

(2) Light Stands

(1) Fiilex Agility Backpack


Compatible Accessories »