P100 (P/N: FLXP100)



Battery Powered LED Light

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The highly compact P100 is the most versatile solution for someone who is constantly on the move and lighting in unconventional locations. Fully dimmable and color-tunable to match daylight or tungsten, this brilliant LED features a spot-to-flood lens and runs off an integrated Li-ion battery. Easily modifiable, "The Brick" puts out 100W of high CRI (≥92) light that can serve as either key or fill and will translate all your colors precisely. Revolutionize the way you light with the P100's flat form factor - place it on almost any surface, mount it on your camera, use it in a three-point set, or simply hold it in your hand. With no bulbs to break and no cords to plug in, go anywhere knowing that you'll be able to light your shots quickly and beautifully.


  • 100W tungsten equivalent, 12W draw
  • Weighs 0.59lbs
  • Dimmable and Color Tunable Between 3000K to 5600K
  • High CRI ≥92
  • Runs on Integrated Li-ion battery or AC power
  • 2 + Hour Battery Life at Maximum Power
  • Small Form Factor - Place Almost Anywhere
  • Solid State Technology (No Broken Bulbs)
  • Compatible with Magnetic Accessories (Use With Accessory Mount)


(1x) P100 Light Head

(1x) Rechargeable Battery

(1x) 15W - AC/DC Power Adapter (Wall Charger)

(1x) Cold Shoe w/ Mini Ball Head


Size5.8" (Length) x 2.8" (Width) x 2.8" (Height)
Weight (Include Yoke)0.59 lb / 0.27 kg
LEDDense Matrix LED
Thermal DesignFanless Cooling System
CCT Range3000-5600K Continuous Tuning
Power Consumption12W Max.
Input9-13V DC
AC Adaptor100-240V AC, 50-60Hz (In) / 12.6V DC , 12W (Out)
BatteryLi-ion Rechargeable Battery/11.1V 2600mAh/29Wh
Operating Temperature0-40° C / 32-104° F




P100: Light in the Palm of Your Hand

This high CRI, 100W light is a well of possibilities. With a form factor designed for most surfaces, the P100 can be utilized for many different situations such as for a catch light, an on-camera light, or even a 3-point lighting setup. With batteries that last up to 2 hours, you'll find that the P100 is the perfect companion for image makers on the move. [01:31]Play

P100 "The Brick"

The P100 is a powerhouse of a light in a small package, a 12 watt LED perfect for when the whole world is your studio. A professional light that will fit just about anywhere. The P100 has a focusable lens to adjust the beam angle, and side dials to dim the light and change color temperature. [01:09]Play

P100 - Generation 1 v. Generation 2

A quick and easy breakdown of some of the small changes between the first and second P100 models. [00:38]Play

Unique Form, Limitless Applications

Meet Michael Becker, a still photographer who shoots entertainment portraiture for shows such as American Horror Story: Freak Show. Watch as he discusses his work, his kit and why he chooses the Fiilex P100, P360, and P2Q Converter to get the light quality that makes his portraits exceptional. [02:13]Play

Lighting on the Go

Street photographer Frank Jackson is constantly on the move and he carries the lightweight Fiilex P100 with him so he can work spontaneously. Watch him talk about his art and how it benefits from such a versatile and powerful light source. [01:30]Play

Get Soft Light in Seconds

The Fiilex Dome Diffuser spreads and softens light, great for lighting people. The dome uses our magnetic attachment system to easily pop on and off of the Accessory Mount that fits over the lens of the P100. [00:16]Play

Fiilex M421 "Go4" Kit

Go4 action, Go4 versatility, Go anywhere. The perfect grab-and-go lighting kit, the Go4 kit gives you four color-tunable P100s to quickly light a scene or add accents as needed. These battery-powered lights are the ultra-portable and ultra-placeable options for providing high quality light at anywhere. [01:55]Play





*Values in this table are typical.
**CRI Ra is the averaged result of R1 to R8, CRI Extended is the averaged value of R1 to R15.