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DiCon Lghting DenseMatrixLED
  • Fillex Q500-DC
  • Fillex Q500-DC
  • Fillex Q500-DC
  • Fillex Q500-DC
  • Fillex Q500-DC
  • Fillex Q500-DC
  • Fillex Q500-DC
  • Fillex Q500-DC
Fillex Q500-DC
Fillex Q500-DC
Fillex Q500-DC
Fillex Q500-DC
Fillex Q500-DC
Fillex Q500-DC
Fillex Q500-DC
Fillex Q500-DC

Designed to run on battery power and to withstand the elements, the Q500-DC redefines on-location work. This IP-24 rated light handles rain, heat and humidity with ease, allowing you to bring the award-winning Q500 technology into the field despite unpredictable conditions. The Q500-DC offers a brilliant 750W equivalent output, and its low 185W draw means you can travel lighter than ever by leaving your bulky generators behind. The powerful fresnel LED weighs just 11.2 lbs and gives you full dimming, color tunability between 2800-6500K, and ±.25 Magenta/ Green hue control for balanced skin tones. The Q500-DC is flicker-free at all frame rates and it has exceptionally accurate color rendition, guaranteeing natural, vibrant colors and saved time in post-production. With a built-in DMX, an LCD screen for easy setting adjustments, enhanced weather-resistance, battery compatibility, and a whole line of Q-Series modifiers, the Q500-DC gives you the tools to work anywhere, rain or shine.



  • 750W tungsten equivalent, 185W draw
  • IP-24 (Water-Resistant)
  • Full Dimming
  • Extended Color Temperature Range (2800-6500K)
  • High CRI≥93 (3000-5600K)
  • Battery Options Available
  • Weighs 11.2 lbs
  • Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
  • LCD Display & Built-in DMX Control
  • Cool to Touch
  • Custom Travel Case Available


Fillex Q500-DC CIE1931 3000K 5600K
R1R2R3 R4R5R6R7R8R9
R10R11 R12R13R14R15 CRI**

*Values in this table are typical.
**CRI Ra is the averaged result of R1 to R8, CRI Extended is the averaged value of R1 to R15.



SizeL 12″ x W 12.75″ x H 15″ (with Yoke)
305mm X 325mm x 380mm with yoke
L 12″x W 9″ x H 6.75″ without
305mm X 230mm x 172mm without
WeightTotal Weight: 15.8 lbs / 7.2 kg
Body: 11.2 lbs / 5.1kg
Ballast: 3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg
IP RatingIP-24 Rating (Water-Resistant)
LEDDense Matrix LED
Thermal DesignAdvanced Vapor Cooling
Beam Angle54° (Without Accessories)
27°-49° (With 5″ Fresnel Lens)
11°-23° (With 8″ Fresnel Lens) Not Included
CCT Range2800-6500K Continuous Tuning
Hue Controlplus/minus .25 Magenta/Green
CRI≥93 (3000-5600K)
LED Lifetime42,000 hrs - (15 Years of Average Use)
Power Consumption AC power 185W Max / DC power 170 W max Comparable in Output to 750W Tungsten
Input VoltageAC Power: 100-240 V AC, 50~60Hz, Max 185W
DC Power: 22-50V DC, Max 170W
Input PortDetachable Power Con Cable
DMX Control2 XLR ports and 2 RJ45 ports (512 Addresses)
Temperature Range32-104ºF / 0-40º C (over Temperature Protection)
Mount StyleBaby Stud 5/8" Female (16mm) and
Junior Stud 1-1/8" Male (28mm)
Barndoor Mount SizeSize III



Brilliance in Motion

Director of Photography Gabriel Bienczycki plays with light and movement in gorgeous slow motion images. Learn how the Q500's flicker-free light, color tunability and hue adjustment enhance his images and speed up his workflow. [02:54]Play

Revolutionizing On-Location Work

Take the award-winning Q500 technology on-location with the Q500-DC, a weather-enhanced and battery-ready fresnel LED. The Q500-DC offers 750W of color tunable output (2800-6500K), and the light is water-resistant (IP-24), battery-operated, fully dimmable, flicker-free, DMX-ready, and color-accurate (CRI ≥93, TLCI ≥95). Compact, durable, and more efficient than ever, the Q500-DC is a high-quality solution for getting cinematic-style lighting inside and outside the studio. [00:40]Play

Change The Way You View Color

Compact and portable, the Q500-DC offers an intense light, is easily controllable, and has a remarkably high CRI (≥93). Save valuable time on location and in post-production with the Q500-DC's color temperature tunability, the Magenta/Green hue adjustment, and the accurate color reproduction. [01:21]Play


The Q-Series is where you'll find the most powerful point-source lighting fixtures that Fiilex offers. [01:56]Play

Get Soft Light In Seconds

The Fiilex Dome Diffuser spreads and softens light, great for lighting people. Its compact design lets you get diffuse light in tight places where a softbox just won't fit. The dome uses our magnetic attachment system to easily pop on and off of your Q500-DC. [00:16]Play

Pro-Tip: Hue Control

Hue Control is the perfect tool for getting your skin tones just right. Save hours of hassle in color correction with the twist of a dial! [00:32]Play



The 2014 Cine Gear Expo Technical Lighting Award

The Fiilex Q500-DC utilizes the same patented Dense Matrix LED technology as the Q500-AC, which won the 2014 Cine Gear Technical Lighting Award for best lighting technology debuted that year. Reviewed by a panel of industry leaders, the powerful LED was chosen for its technical and innovative excellence. Read More



Fiilex Q500AC Photometric figure

Fiilex Q500AC Photometric figure

Fiilex Q500AC Photometric figure

Fiilex Q500AC Photometric figure

Fiilex Q500AC Photometric figure

Fiilex Q500AC Photometric figure

Fiilex Q500AC Photometric figure


Items Included

(1) Q500-DC Light Head

(1) Size III Barndoor

(1) 5-Inch Fresnel Lens

(1) PowerCon Adapter

(1) PowerCon Cable

(1) Clamp Mount

(1) Cord Tie


Compatible Accessories

Fiilex LED Accessory - 8 Inch Fresnel Lens

8-Inch Fresnel Lens

Fiilex LED Accessory - Para Softbox Kit for Q Series

Para Softbox Kit

Fiilex LED Accessory - Medium Softbox Kit for Q Series

Medium Softbox Kit

Fiilex LED Accessory - Extra Small Softbox Kit for Q Series

Extra Small Softbox Kit

Fiilex LED Accessory - PAR Reflector for Q Series

PAR Reflector

Fiilex LED Accessory - Speed Ring for Q Series

Speed Ring (Q-Series)

Fiilex LED Accessory - Dome Diffuser

Dome Diffuser

Fiilex LED Accessory - Dome Diffuser Extension

Dome Diffuser Extension

Fiilex LED Accessory - 2 Inch Fresnel Lens

Fresnel Lens


Kits Containing Q500-DC

K152 kit

(1x) Q500-DC

X252 kit

(2x) Q500-DC