FC Dallas

Behind The Scenes

Video Crew



The Q500s were used in a variety of ways on this shoot, with the first being key lights for filming the FC Dallas mascot in front of the greenscreen. With one Q500 fixture placed on either side of the mascot, the subject stood out from the digital composite background. The Q500's dynamic color temperature control allowed for seamless color temperature matching with the composite.

The Q500s also proved to be extremely effective tools for live broadcast. The LED's high output made it a great key light for the live broadcast on game day, providing a soft coverage for everyone in the production. The tunable color temperature also made it incredibly easy to quickly match the ambient light in the stadium, greatly increasing efficiency.



P360s were the main lights used to capture footage of Aaron Griffin at work. These super compact LEDs were easy to carry around the stadium and to set up and break down quickly. By utilizing one P360 as a soft fill light and another P360 as an edge light, Andrew was able to help separate the subject from the background and heighten the production value of the shot.