Bend Area Cycling Enthusiasts

Behind The Scenes

Video Crew


S282 All-Weather Mini Interview Kit

The Fiilex S282 Kit, designed to bundle lighting and video equipment together for run 'n gun shoots, proved to be an excellent choice for lighting all the interviews in this video. The crew was having major issues with the harsh shadows coming through the trees where they were filming and the P180E's light gave just enough power to soften the shadows on the subjects' faces while maintaining an unlit, natural look.


Panasonic GH4

Much of the action footage was captured by using the GH4 with a 14mm lens and shoulder mount, making it easy to whip pan and ride focus as the cyclists whipped through a corkscrew course again and again.


Panasonic's V-log L-Function Firmware Update

V-Log gives users the flattest image with the most dynamic range that the GH4 is capable of achieving. Without it, all of the B-roll using Cine-D would've either been clipped or incredibly flat. V-log also gave a lot more play in the coloring process, allowing the team to create a profile that brought out the warmth of the environment they were shooting in.


A500 Action Camera

The crew placed the Panasonic A500 POV Wearable 4K Action Camera on a rider's helmet and then sent the whole group up and down the trail several times, capturing a great first-person perspective and creating the most-used B-roll in the whole video.


3DR Solo Drone

3DR's Solo Drone was used to film for an hour and a half at a jump park, getting some really unique shots and creating a cinematic feel for the B-roll. As new drone users, both videographers were especially pleased with how intuitive and easy-to-use the Solo proved to be.


Evolution 3 Brian Carbon Fiber Tripod System and Airhed 3

3 Legged Thing's Brian Carbon Fiber Tripod was specifically chosen to accompany the Fiilex S282 Kit for this shoot because it straps nicely to the front of the Agility Backpack. With exceptional build quality and the highest amount of carbon fiber available in a tripod, the Brian was so lightweight that it felt like it wasn't even there.