Ah-Lan Dance

Behind The Scenes


Q1000 with Para Softbox

A powerful Q1000 with a 36" Para Softbox was used as the key light in studio to create a cinematic look and help capture the gracefulness of the dancer. It was mounted in the rafters, freeing up the studio space and keeping the fixture out of the reflections in the mirrors. The end effect was a stunning overhead source that cast a circular pool of light for the dancer to move in, heightening the dramatic quality of the shot.



A Q500 with a Para Softbox was used while shooting a simple shot/reverse shot of the dancer entering the studio, aiming for a lighting effect that was both soft and striking. The compact form factor of the light made it easy to move efficiently and to block from the mirrors while the Para Softbox created a subtle, dramatic light that dropped off beautifully.



To complement the Q1000's overhead light, a number of P360EXs were set on the ground along the walls of the studio. This was a very simple way of filling in shadows and proved to be an excellent choice for an edge light, bringing out the elegant movements of the dancer.

The P360EX was also the perfect light for the interview. Its color tunability allowed for effortless color temperature matching to the ambient light sources in the room, creating a seamless, natural look.



A battery-powered P100 was mounted on a boom and used to light a tracking shot, following the subject as she walked down the street at night. This portable light produced a touch of illumination that helped separate the subject from the background of the night exterior without making the image feel lit.


Panasonic GH4

The video was shot entirely with the Panasonic GH4, using a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer to help get clean, smooth moving shots and a tripod to shoot the interview. Lightweight and versatile, the GH4 has been a great, user-friendly camera for getting high production value images on run n' gun shoots.