Lighting for Green Screen Studio

Fiilex Track Lighting properly lights a green screen for easy set-up & post-production

Green screen studio cine-grade track lighting
The Fiilex Track Lighting System has cine-grade light quality -- bringing the dazzle of Hollywood into your studio.
Green screen studio compact track lighting
The Fiilex Track Lighting System fixtures are compact, allowing many fixtures to be mounted on a single track which creates an even wash of light on a green screen.
Green screen studio isolation ability track lighting
The isolation ability of the Fiilex Track Lighting System can emphasize specific subjects, separating them from the background and contributes to easy set-up & post-production.
Fiilex P3X Fiilex Track Lighting
  • Tunable Color Temperature
  • Tunable Magenta/Green Hue
  • 85W Power Draw
  • Built-in DMX Control
  • Occupies 8" of vertical space