Lighting for Kitchen Studio

Fiilex Track Lighting turns your kitchen into a beautiful & bright production space

beautiful & bright production space
Fiilex Track Lighting excels in isolating light -- creating a more cinematic look by adding depth and accentuating the details in every shot.
beautiful & bright production space
The Fiilex Track Lighting System’s tunable temperature & hue create the best lighting environment to make your culinary creations look ready to eat!
beautiful & bright production space
Zero set-up time -- a simple flip of the switch allows the chef to quickly set up their cooking space without worrying about messy cables and tripping hazards.
Signature Project
Mike Greenfield from Pro Home Cooks (2.5 Million Subscribers)
Other Featured Installations
Fiilex U360
  • Tunable Color Temperature
  • Tunable Magenta/Green Hue
  • 85W Power Draw
  • Built-in DMX Control
  • Occupies 8" of vertical space