Enhancing Video Communication
With Broadcast-Grade LED Track Lights

With the advancement of image capture technology, video production now extends far beyond the boundaries of the traditional broadcast studio, covering many diverse applications, such as:
  • Remote Learning and Training
  • Corporate Marketing and Video Conferencing
  • Local Government Functions
  • Church Services
In non-studio spaces, lighting is often the biggest hurdle for producing effective video content. Recognizing this challenge, Fiilex has developed a comprehensive lighting solution with the unique T360 track LED system.

Light and Bright

The Fiilex T360 matches the output of a 300W traditional bulb while drawing 85W of power, and at only 3 pounds, the fixture is both easy to handle and simple to install.

Low Ceiling? No Problem

The T360 track system occupies only 8 inches of vertical space. Even under an 8 foot ceiling, there is sufficient clearance for users to operate freely.

Tunable Color Temperature

The T360 offers tunable color temperature from tungsten to daylight. This allows its light output to easily match other sources, such as sunlight through a window (5600K) or interior incandescent fixtures (3200K).

Tunable Magenta/Green

Magenta adjustment enhances natural skin tones, adding a photogenic effect to the illumination that will have the subjects looking their best.

Elegant Yet Cost-Efficient

The Fiilex T360 track system costs significantly less than traditional lighting grids, which require the installation of power junctions, pipe grids, and elaborate cabling. With a built-in DMX control channel and no visible cabling, the Fiilex track system can be cleanly integrated into any space.

Shape Light for Each Setup

The T360’s light shaping accessories enable isolated lighting, which means that each subject can be lit separately with appropriate brightness and color. Lighting isolation also minimizes distractions such as light spill and unwanted reflections.

Design Examples

City Council

11' x 8' Podcast Studio

16' x 23.3' Podcast Studio

Small YouTube Channel Studio

Multi-use Fellowship Hall

60' x 20' Dual Presentation Space

35' x 17' Presentation Space

Small Video Corner



Jonathan Lipsy Finds Success in Small Studio Lighting

Watch lighting designer Jonathan Lipsy break down the T360 installation he designed for a corporate presentation space. This in-depth overview covers all the advantages that the Fiilex track system brought to this project.

With Fiilex's light-shaping accessories, watch the C360 shift gears from a sharp Fresnel to a broad softlight.

Fiilex Track Systems in Action

Vayner Media is a cutting edge ad agency for the social media age. To light their new podcast studio, they required a simple, compact solution, which they found in the T360.

Stonestreet Studios in New York City recently upgraded their lighting grid from tungsten to LED. Find out why they made the change, and why they settled on Fiilex Track LEDs in this short video.