City Council
The application of the track system is to provide focused cine-grade lighting performance to the following areas:
  • Council chamber bench (9 seats)
  • Administrative seating area (4 seats each)
  • Center speaker
  • Audience

Space: 31' W x 49' L x 21' Ceiling
Track Length: 63' Total
Luminaires: T360 & T365
Accessories: 2" Magnetically Locking Fresnel
Tilt Angle:
45° (Front), 45° (Sides), 25° (Auxiliary), 55° (Audience)
Throw Distance:
25' (Front), 25' (Side), 19' (Auxiliary), 25' (Audience)
Total Power Consumption: 3400W / 29A

Component Quantity
T365 Track Fixture, Pro Plus, WH 34
T360 Track Fixture, Pro Plus, WH 6
2" Magnetically Locking Fresnel, WH 6
8’ Track, WH 9
End Feed, Data Right, WH 5
End Feed, Data Left, WH 5
Straight Connector, WH 4
DMX Terminator, WH 4
Fiilex Wall Controller 1


It is recommended that at least 80fc be directed towards the talent for ideal lighting performance



The recommended tilt angle of a fixture is 30°-60° from vertical