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Small YouTube Channel Studio
This is a video lighting layout for a small studio using Fiilex T360 Track Light System. The lighting is designed for multiple camera locations positioned inside the room.

Space: 14’ W x 14’ L x 12’ Ceiling
Track Length: 63’ Total
Luminaires: T360
Accessories: 2" Magnetically Locking Fresnel
Tilt Angle: 45° (Key), 40° (Fill), 40° (Hair)
Throw Distance: 12’ (Key), 8’ (Fill), 12’ (Hair)
Total Power Consumption: 510W / 4.5A

Component Quantity
T360 Track Fixture, Pro Plus, BK 6
2" Magnetically Locking Fresnel, WH 4
8’ Track, WH 7
End Feed, Data Right, WH 2
End Feed, Data Left, WH 2
Straight Connector, WH 4
L-Connector, Data Inside, WH 3
DMX Terminator, WH 1
Fiilex Wall Controller 1


Recommended illuminance at talent> 80fc



Recommended tilt angle between 30° - 60° from vertical