Small Video Corner
The application of this track install is to provide cine-grade quality light performance to a low-ceilinged multipurpose stage using the Fiilex T360 Track System, which is…

  • Compact yet powerful without overheating a space
  • Color tunable to match any ambient light settings
  • Easy-to-install and effortlessly integratable

Reimagine An Empty Corner

AV Integrator Jason Jenkins Enhances Church's Video Production

What can you do with a corner of a room? When a Washington church contacted AV Integrator Jason Jenkins about a major remodel, one of the largest obstacles was the lighting. “The intentions of the room were pretty broad—from youth meetings to wedding receptions—and so I searched for light fixtures that offered the most flexibility and control.” The multi-purpose area also faced foundational challenges, with large windows and a drop ceiling lacking a pipe grid. “The ceilings are pretty low; only 9’ 2”. I needed compact, inconspicuous fixtures that could throw light without getting in the way or overheating the room.”

Jason specced out basic LED wall wash lights for accent lighting around the room, but for the small corner intended to be a stage and video production space, something better was needed. “I could have just used more wash lights, but because the corner was designated for presenting, and possibly producing quality video content, I needed a light that would make people look good to the naked eye, and also make them look their best on camera.”

This is where Fiilex’s T360 Track System entered the stage. Weighing under 3lbs each and taking less than 8” of vertical space, the small but powerful lights were the perfect solution. “The T360 track light had everything I needed—a low profile, color temperature tunability, DMX control, flexibility in accessories—but it also had the most important thing: very high quality light. The Fiilex lights can perfectly match any ambient light coming through the windows.”

This quality is reflected in the T360’s excellent CRI (97) and TLCI (98) ratings, with additional features like green/magenta shift that brings out the best in natural skin tones. In addition to the light itself, the T360 Track System was simple and easy to install. “My set-up was relatively straightforward, with a single 8ft section of track secured to the structural ceiling via three chains. The end result is so clean and elegant—no dangling wires or expensive pipe grid installs. I don't know of any other professional lighting system that looks so good on a drop ceiling!”

The response to the video production corner has been excellent, with the space being used for a wide variety of gatherings and receptions. This installation goes to show that even in the tightest of corners, Fiilex lights shine.