48V DC Power Booster

P/N: FLXPSU-BOOSTER48V-V (V-mount) / FLXPSU-BOOSTER48V-G (gold mount)

The 48V DC Power Booster raises the voltage of v-mount or gold mount batteries, providing power to Fiilex lights with 48 volt DC input requirements. The booster supports 14.8V and 26V batteries in single or double configurations. It can be rigged via its 5/8” baby pin receiver, or simply set on the ground using its fold out base. Additional features include 5V - 2A USB power, a convenient carrying handle, and a rain cover.


Features »

  • Two models for v-mount and gold mount
  • Provides 48V power output via 3-pin XLR
  • Requires 14.8 / 26V batteries
  • Dual battery configurations must use identical batteries
  • Single boosted 14.8V battery will power Q5 COLOR only
  • 5/8” baby pin receiver for rigging
  • Foldable base for stable ground placement
  • Power indicators for attached batteries
  • USB connection can charge / power devices
  • XLR power cable included
  • Light water-resistance
  • Heavy water-resistance with included rain cover

Specifications »

Output Port: XLR-3, USB-A
Power Output: 400W max, 10W max via USB-A
Diameter: 7.6" x 4.1" x 6.5"
Battery Mount: V-Mount/Gold-Mount (different model)
Battery Voltage: 26V/14.8V


Items Included »

Fiilex 48V DC Power Booster

(1) 48V DC Power Booster

Compatible with »

Fiilex Q5 COLOR


Fiilex Q8 COLOR


Fiilex Matrix COLOR

Matrix COLOR