Matrix 2K Spacelight Frame

P/N: FLXA083

The Matrix 2K Spacelight Frame transforms the versatile Matrix punch light into a soft lantern. The custom mount fastens directly to the Matrix’s barndoor brackets for a secure fit.

Specifications »

Size 10.8" Height x 19.7" Diameter
Weight 10.38 lbs

Items Included »

Fiilex Matrix 2K Spacelight Frame

(1) Matrix 2K Spacelight Frame

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Additional Parts

Spacelight Cloth Skirt

P/N: FLXA084

Fiilex Spacelight Cloth Skirt

Specifications »

Size 17" Height x 24" Diameter
Fabric Half Grid Cloth (Silent)

Spacelight Black Curtain

P/N: FLXA085

Fiilex Spacelight Black Curtain

Specifications »

Size 22" Height x 26" Diameter
Fabric Duvetyne/Commando Cloth

Spacelight Target

P/N: FLXA086

Fiilex Spacelight Target

Specifications »

Size 26" Diameter
Fabric Half Grid Cloth (Silent)