K301S Three-Light Kit (3x P360S)


Fiilex K301S Kit

The K301S kit contains three P360S light fixtures. The P360S is a versatile hard-source LED that packs a wide array of tunability and control options into a remarkably small form-factor. Its color temperature is adjustable from 2800-6500K and the intensity can be dialed down to 0 without losing color-accuracy. Magenta/green hue shift offers an additional degree of color control. This kit is ideal for users who need high-quality LEDs that can match unpredictable lighting conditions with minimal hassle, and it is well-within the standard checked bag weight limits for airline travel. Included in the K301S are barndoors, light stands, and a softbox. Additional accessories can be stored in the lid.

Specifications »

Case Size
23.96" x 16.00" x 10.10"
60.9cm x 40.6cm x 25.6cm

Kit Weight
36.75 lb / 16.7kg


Items Included »

(3x) P360S

(3x) Size II Barndoors

(1x) Extra Small Softbox (stored in lid)

Fiilex Speed Ring for 360 Series

(1x) Speedring for Softbox (stored in lid)

(3x) AC/DC Power Adapters (stored in lid)

(3x) Light Stands

Rolling Travel Case


Foam Layout »

Fiilex K301S Kit

Compatible Accessories »

Fiilex Dome Diffuser

Dome Diffuser

Fiilex Fresnel (20°)

Fresnel (20°)

Fiilex 2

2" Fresnel Lens

Fiilex Dome Diffuser (2-Stop)

Dome Diffuser (2-Stop)

Fiilex Dome Diffuser Extension

Dome Diffuser Extension

Fiilex Speed Ring (P-Series)

Speed Ring (P-Series)

Fiilex Extra Small Softbox Kit

Extra Small Softbox Kit

Fiilex DMX Adapter

DMX Adapter

Fiilex D-Tap to Barrel Cable, 24

D-Tap to Barrel Cable, 24"

Fiilex D-Tap to Barrel Cable, 96

D-Tap to Barrel Cable, 96"