Matrix II RGBW — Firmware Update Procedure (V2.0)

December 2019

FW Version Date Released Features Added
V2.0 1/1/2020 Minor bug fixes.
V1.9.0 11/22/2019 Improved DMX response time and smooth dimming
V1.8.0 10/31/2019 Improved Candle Light Effect
V1.7.0 10/25/2019 - Fix a bug when switching between Effects mode and DMX mode.
- Adjust color temperature of the candle mode.
V1.6.0 9/25/2019 UI/UX modified to match Quad Remote.
V1.5.0 3/12/2019 Default Variable and Silent fan: Under 80% intensity, fans go quiet
V1.4.0 1/15/2019 Performance optimization.
V1.3.0 12/12/2018 Effects Mode
- Create easy access to 7 effects presets.
- Introduce 5 savable slots for customized effects.
V1.2.0 10/22/2018 Gel Mode
- Create easy access to 15 preset gels.
- Presets gels can be balanced to tungsten (3200K) or daylight (6500K).
- Introduce 5 savable slots for customized gels.
V1.0.0 6/13/2018 Initial release.



  • This update is only applicable to the Matrix II RGBW model. It does not support the Matrix I or Matrix II Tunable White light fixtures.

  • This firmware update is compatible with Windows operating system (Windows 7 or higher) and macOS Mojave system .

  • If you are experiencing problems with the following steps, please contact Fiilex LED at (510) 620-5155 for further support.


Firmware Update Installation Procedure

(Demonstration Windows V1.3)

  • Near a computer running Windows 7 or above, connect the Matrix II RGBW to a power source.

  • Open the Firmware Update Tool here: DOWNLOAD

  • The application Fiilex_Firmware_Tool_Ver1.8 will open automatically.
    If not, go to your Downloads folder.

  • Select Run.

  • The following screen will pop up:

  • Connect the Matrix II RGBW to the computer using the mini-USB connection.

  • Once plugged in, the Firmware Tool will automatically search for your device.
    If not, you will need to install a driver so that the Matrix II can communicate with your Windows 7 computer. Please contact Fiilex at (510) 620-5155 for further instructions.

  • After the device is found, click Check for update.

  • Select Install version V1.3.

  • Select OK.

  • The update will take between 1-3 minutes to install.

    • - Do not unplug the mini-USB cable or disconnect from the power source.

    • - The Matrix II RGBW screen will turn black during the installation.

  • Once installed, check to see which version the Matrix II RGBW firmware operates on.
    - To check, press and hold the LOCK/MENU button until the following screen is displayed:

  • - The first line is the firmware. If installed correctly, it should display FW V130.