• Fillex Matrix Panel Light
  • Fillex Matrix Panel Light
  • Fillex Matrix Panel Light
  • Fillex Matrix Panel Light
  • Fillex Matrix Panel Light
  • Fillex Matrix Panel Light
Fillex Matrix Panel Light
Fillex Matrix Panel Light
Fillex Matrix Panel Light
Fillex Matrix Panel Light
Fillex Matrix Panel Light
Fillex Matrix Panel Light

With the Matrix light, Fiilex creates a light quality traditionally only achievable through the use of much larger and more cumbersome fresnels. The Matrix leverages Fiilex's Dense-Matrix technology by fusing multiple sources into a single fixture. The result is a crisp, directional light with a large homogeneous field of light and a smooth shadow transition. This versatile and powerful fixture also works well bounced through scrims, or off walls and ceilings to create large area washes. Engineered with modularity in mind, the 1500W-equivalent Matrix works excellently on its own or grouped in an array of multiple lights.

The Matrix is built to easily accommodate various light-shaping accessories. To further soften its output, there's the specially-designed Matrix Softbox. This unique softbox circumvents the speed ring by attaching directly to the Matrix fixture via rod mounts. An optional speed ring accessory is available if rotational control of the softbox is necessary. Alternatively, users looking for a greater punch can focus in the light with the Matrix Fresnel Lens, which clips simply into place, tripling intensity.

The Matrix also features Fiilex's professional-grade tuning options, with wide-gamut continuous CCT from 2800 to 6500K, as well as hue control. Unique to Fiilex is the advanced intelligence of their custom-LED design. For the Matrix this means smooth transitioning and consistent light quality across all power levels. This light quality is maintained even when hue adjustments are applied at low power levels, where fixtures from other manufacturers fail.

Using a process akin to the mapping of CCD and CMOS sensors in high end cameras, Fiilex creates custom lighting profiles for every one of its fixtures. The process identifies the characteristics of each LED in the array, notes any variances, and then applies a calibrated map specific to the component. The result is consistency of light quality as well as output level in every unit produced across the Fiilex line.

With the Matrix, Fiilex users can complement their single source Q and P series lights with the gorgeous, broad throw of a uniquely versatile top-tier fixture.



  • 1500W Tungsten Output Equivalent, 320W Power Draw
  • Built-In Softbox Mount (Speed Ring not required)
  • Tunable CCT (2800 - 6500K)
  • Fully Dimmable
  • IP-24 Rating (Water-Resistant)
  • High CRI (≥93)
  • Multiple Dense Matrix LED Light Sources
  • LCD Display
  • Flicker Free at any frame rate
  • Broadband Full Spectrum LED Source
  • DMX (512 channels)
  • Generates Minimal Heat
  • Custom Travel Case Available
  • Does not emit UV light / radiation
  • Designed in USA, Assembled in Taiwan




R1R2R3 R4R5R6R7R8R9
R10R11 R12R13R14R15 CRI


SizeL 6.7″ x W 11.6″ x H 16.5″ (with Yoke)
171mm x 294mm x 418mm (with Yoke)
L 6.7″ x W 8.7″ x H 8.7″ (without Yoke)
171mm x 220mm x 220mm (without Yoke)
Weight (Include Yoke)9.5 lbs / 4.3kg
Weight (Power Ballast)5.1 lbs / 2.3kg
IP RatingIP Rating of 24 (Water-Resistant)
LED4x Dense Matrix LED
Thermal DesignAdvanced Vapor Cooling System
Beam Angle96°
30° with Matrix Fresnel Lens (Not Included)
CCT Range2800-6500K Continuous Tuning
Hue Control+/- 0.25 Magenta/Green
LED Life42,000 hrs
Power Consumption320W Max AC/ 300W Max DC
Comparable in Output to 1500W Tungsten
Input VoltageAC Power: 100-240 VAC, 50~60Hz, Max 340W AC
DC Power 45-54V, Max 300W
Input PortDetachable Power Con Cable
DMX Control2 XLR ports(512 Addresses)
Temperature Range32-104ºF / 0-40º C (Over Temperature Protection)
Mount StyleBaby Stud 5/8" Female (16mm) and
Junior Stud 1-1/8" Male (28mm)
Barndoor Mount SizeBarndoor size IV



Fiilex Unveils The Matrix

The new Matrix marks Fiilex's first foray into "panel-style" LED lighting. With our exclusive Dense-Matrix technology, we have been able to create a powerful and versatile fixture that is unlike any other panel LED on the market; one that is sure to become an indispensable tool for media production at every level. [00:49]Play

Pro-Tip: Hue Control

Hue Control is the perfect tool for getting your skin tones just right. Save hours of hassle in color correction with the twist of a dial! [00:32]Play



Fiilex Matrix Photometric figure @3000K

Fiilex Matrix Photometric figure @5600K

Fiilex Matrix Photometric figure @6500K


Items Included

(1) Matrix Light Head

(1) Power Adapter

(1) 20' PowerCon Cable

(1) Clamp Mount