X-Class Kits are here

- 2x the Size of our K series kit
- Wheels and Telescoping Handle
- Variety of X-Class kit options
- Modular Design for Added Versatility
- Automatic Pressure Purge System
- Plastic Non-Corrosive Locks
- Molded-In Padlock Holes
- Lifetime Guarantee on Case

Shipping June 1st


1x Q500-DC
2x P360 Pro Plus


1x Q1000
2x P360 Pro Plus


1x Matrix
2x P360 Pro Plus


2x Q500-DC


2x Q1000


2x Matrix

X-Series Case Features

Rolling Wheels

Durible wheels built to this kit design allows for easy transportation of a large amount of equipment

Telescoping tote handle

This built in handle make for easy rolling and moving of this large capacity kit

Modular design

Custom cut foam for a variety of different options to fit all of your different light accesories into one kit


About Fiilex

Fiilex is a brand and business division under DiCon Lighting, a 30+ year old San Francisco Bay Area based photonics technology company with world-class design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. Since our debut in 2013, Fiilex has released a long list of LED products based on DiCon's Dense Matrix LED platform. We consistently deliver high quality, tunable, shapeable, portable, powerful lights. With industry leading LED technology, superior product performance, and revolutionary industrial design, Fiilex continues to receive rave reviews and prestigious product awards.

For more information about Fiilex, please visit www.fiilex.com
For more information about DiCon Lighting, please visit www.diconlighting.com

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