X342 Gaffer's Kit (1x Matrix II RGBW, 2x P360 Pro Plus)

P/N: FLXX342

Fiilex X342 Kit

The X342 Kit contains one 340W Matrix II RGBW and two 90W P360 Pro Plus LED fixtures.

With included light modifiers and room for additional equipment, the X342 is an extremely versatile kit designed for professionals who value top-notch engineering and high-quality illumination.

Kit stands are for use with P360 Pro Plus. For more information on the kit fixtures, visit their product pages: Matrix II RGBW, P360 Pro Plus


Specifications »

Case Size
27.9" x 22.3" x 15.1" /70.9cm x 56.6cm x 38.4cm

Kit Weight
61.6lbs / 27.94kg


Items Included »

Matrix II RGBW Light Head x2

P360 Pro Plus Light Heads x2

Power Adapter x2

90W - AC/DC Power Adapters x2

Size II Barndoors x2

Fiilex LED Accessory - 2 Inch Fresnel Lens

Fresnel Lens x2

Dome Diffuser x2

Clamp Mount

Light Stands (stored in lid) x2

Pop-up Softbox

X-Series Travel Case


Foam Layout »