Compatible Batteries

Below are some of the batteries and adapters that are compatible with our fixtures.


Portable Lights

P180 ENG

P360S / P360 Pro Plus / Pro / Classic

P360EX / P360

DC Draw 40W 80W 85W
Input 12-24V DC 12-30V DC 12-28V DC
Input Port 2.5mm DC Jack
2.5mm DC Jack
2.5mm DC Jack


Generation II (Q1000 II / Q8 Travel / Matrix II RGBW & TW)

DC Draw 300W

*3-pin XLR power cables. NOT audio cables. DO NOT connect audio cables to a power input.

Input 48V DC
Input Port XLR-3P*


Generation I (Matrix I / Q1000 I)

DC Draw 300W

*Neutrik powerCON (20A) NAC3MPA-1 outlet, NAC3FCA connector

Input 45 - 54V DC
Input Port powerCON*