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Remote Patcher Utility

Fiilex RPU

The RPU, Remote Patcher Utility, is a multi-functional tool designed for lighting professionals, able to control and troubleshoot any lighting setup. The Remote tool lets users modify fixture parameters and output on the fly. The Patch tool allows for quick multi-fixture patching and saving patch presets, which can be done wirelessly or through wired connections. The Utility tool lets users view, output, and analyze DMX signals, in addition to updating firmware on all Fiilex fixtures. As with all Fiilex fixtures, the RPU has a rugged, water-resistant design enabling it to perform in the most challenging environments. And with multiple ways to mount and carry, it is a useful item to bring anywhere.

Fiilex RPU

Fiilex RPU

Fiilex RPU


Fiilex Fiilex Remote Patcher Utility


Size (L x W x H)6.0" x 2.2" x 1.1" / 15.2 cm x 5.6 cm x 2.8 cm
Weight0.49 lbs / 0.22 kg
Battery Life / Charging via Type - C3 hour / 90% charge in 60 minutes
Storable Data1 hours of full 512 channel DMX Playback
IP RatingIP-X4
DMX Output Speeds20 - 44 Hz
LCD Screen2.4 inch, TFT
DMX / RDM PortTRS (XLR-5 via adaptor)
Wireless ControlIntegrated LumenRadio CRMX
Mount1/4" - 20 / Magnets / Lanyard
Updatesvia Wi-Fi / USB


Data Sheet
Firmware Update File


[Release note]
1. Support CRMX Tester Feature