Firmware Updates



LAST UPDATED: 1/27/2022


Firmware Update Installation Procedure

  1. You will need a Windows PC and a USB-C cable.

  2. If you do not have a Windows PC with internet access, but a Mac with internet access, please use the following steps to download the Fiilex Firmware Manager on your Mac and then transfer files to the Windows PC.

      This ZIP contains a .exe executable file that will install drivers on your Windows 10 PC. You can transfer from your internet connection mac to your console PC via flash drive.

    2. Before running this zip and.exe file please do the following to uninstall the old drivers

      1. USB connect your fixture with your PC.

      2. Go to Device Manager, find the FT230X USB device, right click, uninstall device).

      3. Disconnect your fixture USB cable

      4. Install the drivers via the

      5. USB connect your fixture with your PC. PC should now be able to find your fixture. When you go to Device Manager, FT230X USB properties it should show "device working properly"

  1. Download the Fiilex Firmware Manager here and run on a Windows PC.

  2. *Note that Fiilex Firmware Manager is updated continually, so please download the latest version from the website each time.

  3. Use a USB-C cable to connect to your fixture to your Windows PC.

  4. Firmware Manager will load your fixture. When the PC is connected to the internet, the Firmware Manager will automatically update itself and load the latest firmware for your fixture. Please click Update V#.# and then click OK.

  5. In the process of firmware update.

  6. Power cycle to complete the firmware update. On your fixture, go to Setting > Info to check the latest controller board and driver board firmware versions.