Cinematic Track Lighting

DMX Track Lighting for Small Studio

Robert Schleicher, Vice President of Product Development, spells out video lighting challenges for small studios, explains the unique advantages of Fiilex DMX track lighting, and points out the benefits Fiilex products bring to lighting designers. (Watch Time | 2:40)

Cinematic Lighting for Small Studio

Hilton Grand Vacations found flexibility and excellence in their Fiilex Track Lighting System. Their on-location small studio allows staff to create professional-grade content whenever they want, increasing efficiency and quality. (Watch Time | 1:00)

Cinematic Lighting for Podcast Studio

Vayner Media is a cutting edge ad agency for the social media age. To light their new podcast studio, they required a simple, compact solution, which they found in the Fiilex Track Lighting System. (Watch Time | 3:24)

Cinematic Lighting for Multi-Purpose Space

Watch lighting designer Jonathan Lipsy break down the Fiilex Track Lighting installation he designed for a corporate presentation space. This in-depth overview covers all the advantages that the Fiilex track system brought to this project. (Watch Time | 8:48)
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Fiilex P3X Fiilex Track Lighting
  • Tunable Color Temperature
  • Tunable Magenta/Green Hue
  • 85W Power Draw
  • Built-in DMX Control
  • Occupies 8" of vertical space