Multi-Use Classroom

A high school, located in Massachusetts, was looking to elevate its communications program with a plan to set up a production studio on campus. The high school had several spaces available to convert into a studio, however, they ran into multiple Infrastructure issues at each location such as acoustical drop ceiling removal, HVAC concerns, power distribution, and redirection of water pipes, making the installation of production lights on a pipe grid close to impossible. The school brought in experienced lighting designer, Jonathan Lipsy, Owner of JML Lighting Services, who reviewed the situation and presented the idea of installing Fiilex's Track Lighting as a solution.

By using the track lighting system, the school could create a fully equipped production studio in a standard classroom, allowing them to achieve their goal and eliminate the roadblocks. In addition, this solution drastically lowered infrastructure costs ... another plus for the school. The compact, but powerful, lighting fixtures made it possible to light multiple areas and talent throughout the space, including the Chroma-Key Set, News Desk, and Standing Position, while using only 20 fixtures. And by using Fiilex's removable accessories, including Softboxes, Snoots, and Fresnels, it allowed the lighting fixtures for all areas of focus to be placed on the same track.

This was a win/win situation, and the school was appreciative of Jonathan's creative, out of the box thinking, design, and expertise.

“Thank you to the engineers and design team at Fiilex. This project would not have been possible without the incredible lighting components and flexibility of the Fiilex track lighting system. This is a true game changer!” – Jonathan Lipsy, Owner – JML Lighting Services.

Fiilex P3X + Softboxes
Application: Multi-Use Classroom
Space Dimensions: 21'W × 16'L × 10'H
Fixture: (4) P3X (16) P3X+SB
Total Power Draw: 1800W
Track Design: Rectangle
Track Length: 92'

Lighting Design Details

The multi-use classroom at this high school was transformed into a fully equipped broadcasting studio through an innovative lighting design by Jonathan Lipsy. Utilizing Fiilex's Track Lighting system, Lipsy was able to create a flexible and powerful lighting setup without the need for a pipe grid or major construction. The rectangular track layout consisted of four separate runs totaling 92 inches in length, positioned to provide even coverage throughout the 21'x16'x10' room. A total of 20x Fiilex P3X LED fixtures were specified, including 16 units paired with removable softboxes for soft, flattering key and fill lighting. The remaining 4 bare P3X units allowed for adjustable, hard light accents and highlighting. With a combined output of over 75,000 lumens yet just 1800 watts of power draw, the energy-efficient setup provided ample illumination. The removable softboxes and fresnel accessories allowed for quick lighting position and quality changes, making this multi-use classroom a highly functional and cost-effective broadcasting studio that met the school's versatility and budgetary needs.
Fiilex Muiti-Use Classroom

Fiilex Muiti-Use Classroom
Fiilex Muiti-Use Classroom
Fiilex P3X Fiilex Track Lighting
  • Tunable Color Temperature
  • Tunable Magenta/Green Hue
  • 85W Power Draw
  • Built-in DMX Control
  • Occupies 8" of vertical space