Gold Standard of LED Fresnel

A Fresnel light floods and spots a soft-edged beam. An ideal Fresnel distributes light uniformly and produces a clearly defined bright/dark transition. With the Q8 Travel, Fiilex leverages the technology of the future to create an ideal LED Fresnel that exceeds the high standards of the past.

Well Distributed Light and No Hot Spots

At full spot, a typical fresnel beam exhibits a bright center, and a long, gradual falloff with no clearly defined edge.

The Q8 Travel boasts an impressively optimized light distribution with no discernible center hotspot and a tight falloff that feathers smoothly to darkness.

Extraordinary Beam Range

A typical fresnel has a beam range of 15-50°.

The Q8 Travel, with its unique telescoping fresnel, covers an extremely wide beam range of 12-60°.

Tunable Spectrum

With an elegantly developed multi-phosphor recipe and carefully calibrated spectral curve, the Q8 Travel delivers precisely tuned light from 2800-6500K with additional magenta/green control.

Exceptional Dimming

Sophisticated electronics allow the Q8 Travel to dim smoothly to 0% with consistent light quality and zero flicker.

Homogeneous Single Source

The powerful and compact Dense Matrix LED blends the output of 176 LED chips to deliver completely uniform light that can be shaped and cut without aberration.


A New Kind of Fresnel

Do you know the “4Cs” of LED Fresnels?