LED Punch Lighting,
A Powerful Concept Built on Unique Technology

The Fiilex Matrix is an extremely versatile 320W LED fixture. Inside each unit, four powerful Dense Matrix LED arrays are set into a precisely engineered reflector. This reflector pushes the light output through a layer of diffusion, fusing the four arrays into a bright, soft source. With tunable CCT, various light shaping accessories, and full RGBW hue control, the Matrix LED punch light is perfect for any on-location use.

The Matrix RGBW is an excellent wash light with a 99° spread.

The Matrix Barndoor allows users to easily control light spill

The Matrix Quad Fresnel narrows the light output to 31°, increasing the forward punch by 250%.

The pop-up softbox effortlessly converts the Matrix into a larger, panel-style source.

The Matrix Speed Ring offers compatibility with many industry-standard softboxes.

With ruggedized bumpers and a robust housing, each Matrix is exceptionally durable and shock resistant.

The Matrix is compact, lightweight, and water-resistant, making it convenient to transport in our travel kits.

Each Dense Matrix LED combines the output of 63 chips and creates beautiful broadband light

With premium electronic components, the Matrix is accurate at all color and intensity settings