One Track

2 Circuit Data Track

Fiilex One Track
Fiilex One Track
  • Fiilex One Track
  • Fiilex One Track
One track 2-circuit track lighting system is a versatile and customizable solution for commercial and residential spaces. The system is easy to install and allows for adjustable lighting positioning and direction, providing complete control over the lighting in space. Made from high-quality materials, the aluminum track is durable and sleek with a matte black or white finish.


Custom Lengths

Track segments can be cut on location

Mounting Points

Pre-drilled slots for easy mounting

DMX Ready

Supports up to 30 devices


Track TypeSurface Mounted Track (commercial grade)
Conductors7 (2 Data, 2 Live, 2 Neutral, 1 Ground)
Circuits2 (20A max per circuit, 40A max per track)
Material Aluminum / PVC / Polycarbonate / Copper conductors
Number of DMX Fixtures30 Max
Max Load50kg / 110lbs (per 1.5’ of track)
Color OptionsBlack / White
Segment Length Options4ft / 8ft
Track Mounting Points0.47” x 0.16” (11mm x 4mm) Slot Per 1.64’ (500mm)


Polarity Ridge

There a mechanical key on the track to guarantee the proper connection of multiple pieces of track. This key is present on all end-feeds and connecting components (see screw below-pictured). Care must be taken when ordering to select the correct components.



End Feed

Polarity Left

BLACK: 9002/B-2C

WHITE: 9002/W-2C

End Feed

Polarity Right

BLACK: 9001/B-2C

WHITE: 9001/W-2C

Straight Coupler with Feed

Power Feed

BLACK: 9010/B-2C

WHITE: 9010/W-2C

Can be oriented both sides


Polarity Outside

BLACK: 9012/B-2C

WHITE: 9012/W-2C


Polarity Inside

BLACK: 9011/B-2C

WHITE: 9011/W-2C

Flex Coupler

Polarity and Power Feed

BLACK: 9018/B-2C

WHITE: 9018/W-2C

30° - 330° mobility range
Can be oriented both sides

End Cap

BLACK: 9004/B

WHITE: 9004/W

Can be oriented both sides


Track Segments

120V, 2 Circuits with Data


BLACK : 9000-UL4/B-ST2-120

WHITE : 9000-UL4/W-ST2-120


BLACK : 9000-UL8/B-ST2-120

WHITE : 9000-UL8/W-ST2-120


Compatible with

Fiilex P3X Spot Light
P3X Spot Light
Fiilex P3S Spot Light
P3S Spot Light
Fiilex P3W Wash Light
P3W Wash Light
Fiilex P3F Fresnel Light
P3F Fresnel Light
Fiilex P3L Ellipsoidal Light
P3L Ellipsoidal Light
Fiilex P5F Fresnel Light
P5F Fresnel Light
Fiilex P5L Ellipsoidal Light
P5L Ellipsoidal Light


Fiilex P3X Fiilex Track Lighting
  • Tunable Color Temperature
  • Tunable Magenta/Green Hue
  • 85W Power Draw
  • Built-in DMX Control
  • Occupies 8" of vertical space