Locking Louver

P/N: TRA005

The Louver accessory controls the light spread of compatible LED fixtures, eliminating light spill and giving the beam an elliptical pattern. The slats in the accessory can be rotated to change the pattern's orientation. The Louver mounts with a combination of magnets and locking screws, making it extremely secure for permanent installations or sensitive applications.


Features »

  • Locking magnetic mount attaches easily and securely
  • Shapes light output into a controlled, elliptical beam
  • Rotates to adjust beam orientation

Specifications »

Diameter: 3"


Items Included »

Fiilex Track Light Louver

(1) Locking Louver

Compatible with »

Fiilex P3 Track Spot Light

P3 Track Spot Light

Fiilex P3 Spot Light

P3 Spot Light