Octa 4 Softbox


The Octa 4 is an octagonal softbox designed to diffuse the output of the Q8 Color and Matrix Color LED fixtures. The Octa 4 includes two different levels of diffusion as well as a convenient carrying bag. Compatible Speed Rings are sold separately. A Soft Grid accessory is also available.

Features »

  • Premium fabric and rods for high durability
  • Two levels of diffusion: half and full stop
  • Convenient carrying bag

Specifications »

Softbox Width 35.4” / 90cm

Items Included »

Fiilex Octa 4 Softbox

(1) Octa 4 Softbox

Fiilex Octa 4 Softbox

(1) Octa 4 Carry Bag

Fiilex Octa 4 Softbox

(1) Full Stop Diffusion

Fiilex Octa 4 Softbox

(1) Half Stop Diffusion

Speed Rings »

Fiilex 8

8" Speed Ring

Fiilex Speed Ring (Matrix-Series)

Speed Ring (Matrix-Series)

Compatible with »

Fiilex Q8 COLOR


Fiilex Matrix COLOR

Matrix COLOR


Octa 4 Soft Grid


Fiilex Octa 4 Softbox

The Octa 4 Soft Grid is designed to reduce the spread of the Octa 4 Softbox’s output while retaining the softening effect of its diffusion.

Specifications »

Grid Depth 2” / 5.1cm