Model No: FLXP3CLR-B10-KIT

P3 COLOR B10 Kit

Fiilex P3 COLOR B10 Kit

The P3 Color B10 Kit includes 10 units of P3 COLOR lights, 10 units of 15-45 degree 5" Fresnel attachments, and a heavy-duty road case. The sturdy case also comes with a custom cut foam so each item in the case is tightly secured during transportation.

The B10 kit is designed for rental house use, so a large number of P3 lights can be easily requested and delivered to productions.
Fiilex P3 COLOR B10 Kit


Case Size
31.5" x 27.6" x 21.1" /
80.0cm x 70.0cm x 53.6cm
Kit Weight
123.5lb / 56kg

Items Included

Fiilex P3 COLOR
Fiilex P3 COLOR Barndoor 4 Leaf Black
Fiilex 90W V-Mount PSU
(10) FLXPSU-90V
Fiilex P3 Fresnel Lens 15-45deg
(10) FLXP3CLR-FRNL1545
Fiilex Q5 COLOR Barndoor 8 Leaf
Fiilex P3 B10 Case